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Craigavon Tues10th July 7 30 pm Seagoe hotel Portadown
posted 22/06/2018

This event is on Tuesday 10 July 2018

July Dinner is Tuesday the 10th for 7.30pm . Speaker is Danny McGlade who is from Craigavon. Danny & Margaret and children were living in the Ardyone area of Belfast during the height of the troubles. They were desperate to get away from there and had been thinking of moving to Craigavon, but what would he do for work? It wasn’t possible to just get up and go without the security of work. Out of the blue, a friend rang Danny, who was in sales, to tell him that Crazy Prices were moving into Craigavon Shopping Mall and were looking for a Manager. Danny got the job so the door was opened for he and the family to move from the troubled area. GOD’S HANDS WERE UPON THEM AND LEADING IN A MYSTERIOUS WAY INTO THE PLANS HE HAD FOR THEM. Margaret and he had began attending Christian meetings when in Belfast and had accepted Jesus into their lives so they immediately sought out where to attend now when in Craigavon. At one of these Charismatic meetings they both felt The Holy Spirit touching them in a strange way. They were Baptised in The Holy Ghost and later began to speak in other tongues as The Spirit give utterance. Danny, along with a few other friends began to hold Alfa Courses which were for the people of his own Catholic Faith. These meetings continued for many years and only stopped last year due to illness in the family. it isn’t possible for you to join with us in time for the dinner, you will be very welcome to join with us after the dinner which normally finishes around 8.30pm. It would be our delight to have you join with us! The cost of the dinner will be £9 which is payable at the door on the night. To book for the dinner, please ring John on 028 3884 1165, before or no later than Noon on the Monday previous to the dinner.