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Report on the FGGF(Full Gospel Global Forum ) March 2021
posted 13/03/2021

This event is on Saturday 13 March 2021

This GLPS has broken new ground and furthered the great work of the FGGF in advancing the Kingdom of God, as our father’s grace has allowed. This has been our first online GLPS. This has also been our most accessed (‘attended’) GLPS. This has also been our furthest reaching GLPS outreach. The online report from only the first 48 hours of the GLPS is as follows: The testimony sessions have been posted on the social media streams of 671,000 people. These testimonies have been watched by 42,200 people on Facebook and 12,016 people on Youtube, in six languages. 82% of the people who viewed the testimonies were aged 18-44. So far, 126 people have clicked on the salvation link. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory be to God, who is worthy of all the praise and honour. God has opened a new door on the World Wide Web to spread the gospel all over the world using the internet. We here in Ireland FGB were honoured to take part along with our UK brothers and sisters and this is such blessing to the persecuted church throughout the world eg India China Hong Kong who were represented at the convention So members of FGB Ireland need to get linked up and check their e mail addresses or even get a P C ,iPad or smart phone and get in line with Gods new way of spreading the Good News of Jesus our lord and saviour.